Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mew Live in KL

The thought of writing this back is just a random thing that came across my mind this morning. I haven't done this in a long time, and God knows how I'm struggling to find my words back. This is just a another crap thing to write about and I'm doing it for fun. 

Well 2013 had been an awesome year for me: graduation, job, loads of memorable moments and the best highlights would be witnessing Jonas Bjerre played live in front of my eyes, which is just a surreal thing that ever happened to me. They played in October 31st in conjunction with the Urbanscapes festival held in Serdang last year. It was an outstanding performance: swirling, loud, dreamy and massive altogether played by Jonas, Bo, Silas and the two other guys. (Dr... something, Im not sure with the name)

They've played about eighteen songs with "Making Friends" (new song) served as an introduction and a couple of new songs from their upcoming album. The band got the crowd went crazy in "Snow Brigade" and "156" which I think Jonas's vocal sounded almost like the recording one. "Sometimes Life Isn't Easy" (one of my favourite songs) slowed things a bit and the show closed with the exquisite "Comforting Sounds" which got the crowd to sing along. It was an amazing and gorgeous way to end the perfect evening and it seems like the crowd can't get enough of the two and a half hours performance. Who does? 


Fadil Wimala said...

It's been long time.. how have you been?
Back to blogging and still loving mew :)

Izza Nazira said...

Indeed it is, suddenly just came popped up out of nowhere. But my passion isn't on writing, so... yeah, Im good, working and stuff, tiring of course. :)
What about you? Hows everything up there?