Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Portable Architecture

It has been quite a long time and I’m almost forgot to update my page due to my hectic life and mounted of assignments. I really had a great time and wonderful experiences throughout the past four and a half months and believe it or not my second year had finally over. Since I’m in the middle of the semester break and got nothing much to do, this is a bit of the summary for the previous semester that I would like to share with the readers.

We are given a project called Portable Architecture or Mobile Habitat which I’ve stated on the topic above. It is quite difficult to understand yet enjoying project to studied on which we have an opportunity to choose a client and must be related to the project. So, choosing the client is the most important decision to make. It seems easier because we have an option to choose from the famous celebrities, artists, designers or anyone famous that has to do with the travelling. The characters of the selected client must be strong and reasons are must be connected to what we are designing with. Therefore, extra care must be taken when choosing a client. As for me, I select a well known fashion designer, Anna Sui to lead my design project. Picking up a designer as a client will be an advantage because of their exposed and strong characters which will reflect in the final product.

Through out the learning process, what I do understand about mobile habitat is something that can be related to the moveable living space. It can be a retreat loft, a small office or a boutique as long as it can be portable and moveable to any suitable area. Speaking of the suitable area, we did some case study on selected site that is suitable to place our mobile in the heart of Malacca. I do enjoy my time in Malacca although we didn’t clear enough with the point of
purposes going there.

So for my mobile habitat, I came up to design a mobile boutique to suits my client needs and characters. To be honest, the pressures are really unbearable with my dozen of assignments, examinations and other subjects to be focus on. After all, I’m just a typical grown up student though. Been broken down sometimes, mad and tired of these matters and some other things that will make your brain to explode. Anyways, I’m glad that all the struggling works finally end for a temporary least. ha.. Thank God I’d completed my project and it was quite a successful though. Along with this journal, I’ve compiled some shots of my mates work and the final reviews day.