Thursday, May 14, 2009

Well Done Guys

Today is gonna be my last day in campus for this semester.. Finally!! i will be back home and enjoying my semester break for about one and a half month. Not quite enough actually to stretch out my back..and having my own cosy little bed..enjoying my favourite foods..been missing my mum's cook over's really killing me..can't hardly wait to reach home..

Anyway, last morning was our final works review for the whole semester. I'm glad everything was finally over. It was a killing week actually for me lately.. but i've managed to complete all the tasks given by the lecturers. Hopefully i will get a good marks for the studios..huhu..

I'm quite impress actually by the works done by my mates.. Even though we are quite stress out during the last final weeks, but still we managed to complete all the works and have fun together by the end of the day..the lecturers also seems like impressed by the works and we are so happy with the compliments..huhu. Hope that they are not being sarcastic to us.. Anyway well done guys!

This is one of my final project actually.. It is called as "Motion In Emotion" which means an interpretations of a studied dance into a space or in the other words on how to form a space using the subjects given by the lecturers. In this project we are given by the lecturers to do some researches and studies on cultural dance found in Malaysia. As for me, i have to form a space for Zapin dance which is a well known Malay cultural dance in Malaysia. It's an interesting experience and i found myself quite confused with the studied process. Doesn't really matter anyway..huhu.

Here are some works done by 03 students..


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!ZzaBelle said...

Thanks 4 dropping by!

Fadil Wimala said...

how are u doing? how's ur holidays?

!ZzaBelle said...

hey!thanks 4 asking..i'm doing well..just spending my time leisurely over here.hang out with friends..quite bored actually..haha
i'll be joining an architectural event next week..hope it will be an interesting experience!